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January 2018

6 Big Bathroom Trends We're Not Ready To Say Goodbye To

It's fun to look back over the year and review what was big in interiors, noting which trends we're happy to bid farewell, and which we hope have serious staying power. Here are some of our favorite bathroom looks from 2017, which we're not quite ready to see go away.

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September 2017

Common Renovating Costs: Walls, Doors & Windows

Whether you’re knocking down old walls, erecting new ones or cosmetically altering existing walls, aesthetics matter. So before you pick up a paintbrush or attempt to hang that expensive pattern-happy wallpaper, consider calling on an expert.

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August 2017

Common Renovating Costs: Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC

Many of our first homes are the older types. This means old electrical wiring, which in turn means a call for replacement. Or, if you are simply renovating a newer home and wish to change your lighting, here’s an idea of costs.

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May 2017

Common Renovating Costs: Flooring

Before you install brand new flooring, you’ll likely need to remove your existing floors, which costs an average of $1.25 per square foot to have done professionally. Need to replace your subfloors, too? That’ll cost around $2.10 per square foot for standard 5/8” plywood.l.

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April 2017

Common Renovating Costs: Construction and Demolition

Many of us haven’t the slightest idea of how much it really costs to undergo a basic home renovation, let alone a complete overhaul.

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March 2017

Construction 101 - Realistic Kitchen Remodel Timeline

When planning a kitchen remodel timeline, most homeowners need to know the best time to start in order to be completed before a certain key date (a holiday, a graduation, an upcoming wedding, a new baby on the way, out-of-town guests visiting, etc.). It’s no surprise that I often get asked the question, “How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?”

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February 2017

Common Renovating Costs: Kitchen and Bath

Many of us haven’t the slightest idea of how much it really costs to undergo a basic home renovation, let alone a complete overhaul.

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January 2017

Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Wish to give your kitchen some pizzazz without blowing away a fortune?

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December 2016

Home Renovation Reality Check

Home makeover shows give you the impression you can transform your house in a few short weeks. MoneySense shows you why real renovations are nothing like what you see on TV—and what you really need to know to pull off a successful remodeling.

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November 2016

Bathroom Renovation Budget Breakdown

The cost of renovating a condo is on average 30% more than a house due to restrictions provided by the condo rules and existing building design. Follow these simple tips to save money on your reno project.

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October 2016

So You Want to Start a Renovation - How to Shop for a Contractor

Contractor and host of Holmes on Homes , Mike Holmes gives advice on hiring a contractor.

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September 2016

Client deposit: How much should a contractor ask for?

You’re about to sign a contract with a homeowner to do a renovation project for them. How much money do you require for a deposit? This is a frequent topic of conversation among contractors.

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August 2016

Top 5 Renos for Return on Investment

Adding value to your home is the number one concern for most homeowners. It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping to sell or looking to build long-term equity, knowing the right renos to invest in is important to ensure you get the most bang for your reno buck.

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